Welcome To Family Crest Jewellery In 2022 
An alternative affordable laser crest engraving service & hand cast signet rings

Heavyweight Handmade Signet Rings, Cufflinks & Pendants Deep Reverse Crest Laser Engraving, initials monograms & masonic
I do not sell lighter weight signet rings like other suppliers my heavyweights are VAT free and roughly the same price as other suppliers lighter thinner rings

I have  50 years signet ring manufacturing experience starting at the age of 16 when still at school. and then at home.

I went on to work for Fred Manshaw in Hatton Garden EC1 producing signet rings for mail order " Freemans of London" "Great Universal" & high street shops 

Link below is to an in depth history of my years in signet ring manufacturing, and the many different processes I have used 


Technology Has Allowed Me To Produce superior quality  Signet Rings often Without Joins

On the premises Deep Reverse Crest Seal Style Engraving Using A Yag Galvo Fiber Laser

Yag Galvo Fiber Engraving Is Unlike Any Other Machine Engraving , Deeper & Cleaner But More Time Consuming

In 2014 when heraldry became the height of fashion once again , I invested over £30,000 in new machinery and pioneered the developement of reverse crest seal engraving using yag galvo fiber laser engraving machines, making crest engraving affordable for all. I now also supply a 3 week trade laser crest engraving service.

If you prefer to pay the extra for a hand engraving then anticipate your engraver will also prefer to supply you a more expensive die stamped signet ring

The combined extra cost in 9ct for a like for like weight and quality is likely to be in excess of £400.00 or in silver between £100.00 and £200.00 extra.

Jewellery Trade discounted laser crest engraving & signet rings from recycled or sentimental gold

I now have a dedicated trade only website for manufacturers , retailers & wholesalers