Made From Sentimental Gold

Bespoke  engraving to your supplied artwork

Deep seal style engraving suitable to make wax impressions

(not provided)

Or monograms laser engraved for show or reversed seal style

Or star set with gemstones including Moissanite "Lab created diamonds"

Hallmarking made from your own gold jewellery

Please note prices are based on you supplying more than adequate material to allow for wastage

As I am not providing the material hallmarking is not a legal requirement, hence optional, then I post to  Assay Office

9.375 or 18.750 are not hallmarks just recognised as representing metal content , I laser that on myself Free Of Charge

Treated as client providing their own jewellery so in the unlikely event lost in post I will provide you the Royal Mail tracking and receipt so you can pursue a claim against Royal Mail.

Approximate weight of material required including casting head and sprues (returned or credited)

  • 13mm x 11mm 9ct signet ring appx 15 grams including wastage :::::13mm x 11mm 18ct signet ring 20 grams  

  • 14mm x 12mm 9ct signet ring appx 18 grams including wastage :::::14mm x 12mm 18ct signet ring 25 grams 

  • 16mm x 13mm 9ct signet ring appx 20 grams including wastage :::::16mm x 13mm 18ct signet ring 28 grams 

  • 18mm x 15mm 9ct signet ring appx 30 grams including wastage :::::18mm x 15mm 18ct signet ring 40 grams

  • 2mm thick chain and bar cufflinks 9ct gold 30 grams ::::::::::::::: 18ct gold cufflinks 45 grams

  • Above weights will result in 100% sentimental end product with wastage returned or credited against invoice if preferred

  • If you do not have sufficient for wastage or casting head and sprue (less than specified above) my own materials will be added and therefore you will end up with a mixture of your metal and my stock

Casting head and sprues

Providing Me With The Image To Engrave

For the best results post me a wax impression from a previous engraving , or a high definition large image .jpg .png etc

I import the image into my software and enlarge as big as it will allow up to 4 times screen size , if it does not pixelate

The bigger and clearer it is once enlarged the better the engraving detail will be as I trace over the image in Vector Graphics

Tracing photo of wax impression

  • Wax impression of deep reverse crest seal style engraving
  • vector graphic drawing a crest
  • vector graphics drawing of crest

Click to view bigger crest image

Family Crest From Above Helmet 

  • Wax impression of deep reverse crest seal style engraving
  • Wax impression of deep reverse crest seal style engraving

Crest  from following Coat Of Arms

Coat Of arms Shield Mantling Crest

  • Family crest & Coat Of Arms for seal engraving
  • Coat Of arms chain link cufflinks

Crest is the 3D image above helmet

Putting all of the above onto a tiny oval ring face is often impractical