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Exceptional quality crest engraved signet & wedding rings, pendants & cufflinks at affordable prices handmade by me in Hertfordshire England in Sterling Silver 9ct & 18ct Gold + Laser engraving service.

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Laser engraved heavyweight handmade gold and sterling silver signet rings made in Hertfordshire England
I am a semi retired signet ring and wedding ring manufacturer with over 40 years experience in jewellery design . Signet ring manufacturing has been a passion of mine since the last 2 years at school and although I now have osteoarthritis making nice thick substantial rings is still well within my ability. Nice thick signet rings are easier to handle than the rasor thin rings so often found via the internet and discount stores. Tiny ladies finger sizes like A or B , I can manage a 1mm to 1.5mm thick shank and 2mm thick head as a result I do not end up with thin centres after  filing out the curvature as a result of  making a big thin signet ring to many sizes smaller. 

Extra large size signet rings also are not a challenge, my signet rings are truly bespoke I do not cut an average mans signet ring in finger size R and put a section in with two joins, nor do I over use a stretcher, instead when necessary I will produce a new signet ring master pattern any size up to Z + 6 often made without a single join. 

As of May 2014 I am now the proud owner of a state of the art YAG GALVO FIBER laser engraving machine providing in house Crest signet rings and Coat of Arms engraved, extra deep initials, monograms & some of the most intricate and detailed family emblems, logo's and masonic rings.

I am possibly one of only a handfull of UK manufacturers who will make a 9 ct or 18ct gold signet ring , pendant  or cufflinks from your own sentimental gold. Please phone to check suitability, I have  video's showing the process  ensuring you get up to 100% your own gold included.

Sending me your own 9 carat or 18 carat gold jewellery for Crest or Coat Of Arms Engraving

There is one service I am reluctant to supply, namely general engraving on products sent to me by non-trade clients
Initials and the like you are better off going to your local jewellers however seldom able to supply Crest or Coat Of Arms engraving.

On a daily basis I am being asked to engrave crest's etc. onto customers own gold signet rings so if you are able to provide me photographs of the item including the hallmark and the quality and thickness appears suitable I will provide this service but the charge will be higher as I  normally make the bulk of my wages / profit from supplying silver and gold signet rings pendants etc of my own manufacture. minimum charge £135.00

Any returning customers who have previously had a stock item engraved (Heraldic) will automatically benefit from a considerable discount.

My Workshop

My jewellery bench a fortnight before Christmas 2014

Not an online shop selling products bought in from China or mass produced signet rings made by a bulk manufacturer in the UK. Every bespoke  signet ring is handmade by me in person at my own bench in my own log cabin workshop in Hertfordshire England. If you phone I will answer, if you email I will reply. I do not entertain any clients at my premises as  I have more than sufficient orders via internet  EXAMPLES STAMPINGS & CASTINGS 

 Laser Engraving machine

State of the art YAG GALVO FIBER laser engraving machine £26,500 + VAT
May 2014 I took delivery of my new YAG GALVO FIBER laser  engraving machine.
Now I am able to engrave in house Crest's, Coat of Arms, initials logo's and some of the most intricate design's previously impossible with my older Gravograph machines that I have owned and used for 30 years.
Not to be confused with flat bed lasers, these state of the art machines art very different​​MORE ABOUT LASER MACHINE

Contact Viv

Jeweller (me) at my bench hand making gold and silver signet rings

I do not keep regular hours like a high street shop, It often takes all morning before my medication kicks in after that I am glued to my bench and concentrating on manufacturing

Please phone between 8.30 am and 11 am or after 6pm in the evening if at all possible.​

Emails I reply to usually same dayCONTACT ME FORM

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Laser family crest and seal engraving, Hand crest and seal engraving, Masonic Square and compass , Clan Badges , Cufflinks , Pendants


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